Keeping Your Hair and Skin Happy This Winter

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Hello Friends and welcome to Modern Beauty!

I’m so excited to start this beauty blog for our salon! There are so many things I could say regarding my emotions and excitement towards this blog but I’ll spare you all (you’re welcome) and I'll just jump right into today’s beauty tips!

So one thing I know we can ALL agree on is what our scalp, mane, and skin go through when the weather changes. As we embrace winter this year lets adopt some new habits to ensure our beauty routine keeps us healthy and hydrated!


When it comes to keeping our hair healthy throughout the winter we have 6 tips to share with you!

1. Shampoo only two to three times a week!

Washing your hair more than three times a week can cause your hair to dry out and honey…We don’t want that. Our mane already feels dehydrated and dry during the winter so let’s not add to that by washing our hair more than we need to.

2. Avoid using too HOT of water.

When washing your hair stick to luke warm water because, you guessed it, it can dry out your hair!

3. Use oil to moisturize your scalp. Massage the oil on your scalp and leave on for one to two hours before shampooing. Don’t know what oil to use? Well I do!

Oi Oil from Davines (sold here at Modern) will be your new best friend this winter.

Oi Oil


4. Cut down on the use of heat and styling tools. Your hair is much more brittle in the winter and frying your hair with the heat tools will only worsen the integrity of your hair.

5. Use quality hair products. Cheap styling products loaded with chemicals can weaken your hair and dry out your scalp. Use quality products that will not only hold your style throughout the day but also keep your hair healthy for years to come. For more information on choosing the right styling product for you, ask your stylist during your next visit at Modern OR shoot us a message!

6. Lastly, for keeping your winter hair maintained, check the ingredients in your hairspray. Make sure the hairspray you are using doesn’t have a high concentration of alcohol. That will dry your hair out and make it feel brittle.


During the drier winter months your skin is prone to more irritation. It’s best to keep a simple routine. With the right cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, your skin will glow all winter long.

Your Cleanser!

Alright lets talk about step one, cleansing your face. One benefit we really want in our winter cleansers is hydration. The mixture of the cold climate, our warm/dry homes, and those long hot showers we all want to take plays a part in stripping our skin.

Not cool guys.

Choose a cleanser that’ll leave your face spotless but hydrated!

Kiehl's Since 1851, Ultra Facial Cleanser


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser


Murad, Renewing Cleansing Cream


A Toner!

Please. Do this for me.

Buy yourself a toner this holiday season. You don't need to be fancy. Choose something real simple like the one suggested below.

A toner is an amazing step that will remove any excess cleanser or product left on your skin as well as balance your skins natural Ph and prep for the serums and moisturizers.

Kiehl's Since 1851, Ultra Facial Toner


Thayers, Witch Hazel is also a nice toner to add to your routine. You just want to make sure that any toner you do purchase for the winter is alcohol-free.


This is the step where we make sure your skin is getting everything it needs.

Choose a moisturizer that’s going prevent these cold winter days from harming your skin. Couple great moisturizers include:

Kiehl's Since 1851, Ultra Facial Cream


First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream


CeraVe, Moisturizing Cream


And honey lets get crazy…Add an SPF on top of that! Because we need to do every little thing to protect that gorgeous skin you’re living in.


Another great step to throw in there once or twice a week would be exfoliating.

Keep your skin cells turning and your glow glowing with a little but of exfoliation action!

What this step does is slough off all the dead skin off your face to reveal all that gorgeous, glowy skin you have underneath.

Something else you could do for your skin this winter is to start using humidifiers to maximize the moisture in your home.

Alright my friends, that's all the tips for now.

Let’s all treat ourselves this winter and pamper our hair and skin with the right products, tools, and steps to keep us hydrated and healthy!


Modern Beauty

for this blog I teamed up with the gorgeous Rhiannon, one of our stylists, to provide these winter tips!

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