Hollywood Glam Curls

Alright Ladies. We all want to achieve those glamorous curls that last all. night. long.

I want this. You want this. We ALL want these kind of curls. Well I have gotten together with one of our talented stylists here at Modern to give you all the secrets on getting those runway curls.

*All products recommended you can find here at our salon.*

 STEP ONE Begin with a clean slate.  If your hair needs to be shampooed before, avoid using conditioner, or only use it on the ends. This will play a big part in helping the curls last!

After shampooing use a good primer like, Davines, Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer.


Prepping the hair.  Section the hair and spray each section with a texture spray, working in from scalp to ends.  Kevin Murphy, Hair Resort is a great choice.  Brush thoroughly through after to insure coverage.


Next section the hair. Begin in the back and spray each section with a good working spray before curling. Kevin Murphy, Session Spray Flex is a great, light working spray.  This insures that the hair is not too soft and aids in holding the curls.

  Also avoid taking large chunks of hair  - curling small sections will help. 


After curling the entire head- let the curls cool.  This sets the curl.  If a “beachy” wave is desired, run your fingers through after your hair is cooled.  If a tighter curl is desired- let the curls fall naturally.  You can also brush hair with a Boar Bristle brush for a Hollywood Glam look.  Set the look with Kevin Murphy Session Spray to hold the desired look.  Now enjoy!

This magical look and award winning tips were brought to you by our Master Stylist Jennifer.

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